Posted October 20, 2020 by Yvette Mucharraz y Cano and Kathy Bishop
Picture of building damaged by earthquake in Mexico

Recovering from Disaster

In times of disaster, we can’t go back to what was, but we can move forward with hope and thrive.

Posted October 9, 2020 by Wanda Krause
Silhouette photography of person by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Five Lessons from Michel Onfray

How can we increase our leadership productivity at a time we seem to have fewer hours in the day? Our workplaces, our lives, and the larger global context are moving at much faster paces where minutes have become essentially nanoseconds. For French philosopher Michel Onfray (2015), this context of our modern time is a result of virtual reality.

Posted October 5, 2020 by Niels Agger-Gupta and Catherine Etmanski
#BlackLivesMatter protest in Victoria, BC

Core to the Work of 21st Century Leaders

Recent world events have brought the issue of systemic racism into the foreground. There is a long way to go to dismantle systemic oppression against Black, Indigenous, and other People of Colour (BIPOC). George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis, caught on video, together with the recent murders of Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbury, among others, ignited a resurgence of the #BlackLivesMatter protests in over 850 cities in the US, and Canada, including Victoria, BC (pictured).

Tags: Anti-racism
Posted September 29, 2020 by Kathy Bishop
Lighthouse photo by Gaia Armellin on Unsplash

Lighthouse Photo by Gaia Armellin on Unsplash

Posted September 17, 2020 by Niels Agger-Gupta
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