Values Based Leadership

Royal Roads University's Graduate Certificate in Values Based Leadership (VBL) is for the kind of leaders who:

  • Are interested in understanding the deeper motivations of people and themselves that shape choices and behaviour - making values and culture conscious is an emphasis in the VBL Certificate.
  • Are especially concerned about leadership integrity and enhancing their credibility through consistently walking their talk even in especially challenging times -there is dedicated attention to constructing a leadership practice on values expressed in action. 
  • Are interested in strengthening their practice of wisdom as well as in acquiring knowledge - this Certificate illuminates the practice of wisdom, especially is it strengthens leading in the face of the unknown.  
  • Think that collaboration based on common values and conscious commitments among partners is more promising and critical to success - collaboration (team and inter-organizational) on explicit discussion of values among freely committed partners is a focus in the VBL Certificate.
  • Want to invest their energy in organizational change that lasts and have noticed that lasting change is a rare achievement - the VBL Certificate program illuminates the role of organizational culture and focuses working with underlying realities are essential to lasting change.

Interesting facts about the Certificate:

  • This program integrates current conceptual frameworks and practical approaches to leading with values and working with organizational culture.
  • The VBL Certificate is a unique leadership program in Canada.
  • With admission to Masters programs, all three Certificate courses can be taken into the MA Leadership and the MA in Interdisciplinary Studies; two courses can be taken into the MBA as electives.
  • Participants in the program are multi-sector organizational leaders—public service, business, health, protective services, social services, and community organizations.

The next VBL cohort begins September 23, 2019 in a blended online and on-campus residency format. It completes March 22, 2020 with residencies October 28 to November 3, 2019, and March 11 to March 14, 2020. For further information visit the program page or contact Dr. Marilyn Taylor, the program Academic Lead.