Mission, Vision, Objectives


The Centre for Health Leadership and Research provides health leaders in British Columbia, across Canada and beyond, with innovative approaches to understanding and transforming their systems and themselves. We deliver relevant, patient-centred research by engaging and connecting leaders with patients, families and communities, through collaborative, applied, systems-oriented research with faculty and graduate researchers.


A thriving healthcare system which is transformed, through leadership, to meet the changing wellness needs of our communities.


To develop a culture of applied health leadership and research which:
  • complements and enhances existing opportunities for graduate research within the School of Leadership Studies, and across Royal Roads University
  • promotes cultural safety, integrity, and social justice across the health system
  • prioritizes leadership by and with patients, families, and marginalized, under-served populations who would benefit from health services
  • grounds evidence-based recommendations in the authentic perspectives of people with lived experience (e.g. health service users and potential health service users)
  • promotes healthy organizational functioning e.g. by addressing employee engagement, employee satisfaction, work-life balance, stress management etc.
To build coalitions with health system partners which:
  • promote current and emerging directions and priorities in healthcare
  • attract world class doctoral and post-doctoral scholars in health leadership research who collaborate with existing faculty and students, and enhance the profile of Royal Roads University
  • support dissemination and publication of health leadership relevant research across Royal Roads University students and faculty
Provide opportunities for:
  • innovations in health leadership and health leadership research which address real world problems that exist in the health system
  • develop large scale research projects which provide ongoing opportunities for graduate students to conduct specific, applied research for course credit within graduate programs
  • collaboration and research funding presented by initiatives such as the Strategy for Patient Oriented Research (SPOR)
  • development of educational programming based on CHLR research in collaboration with Professional and Continuing Education, the School of Leadership Studies, and other internal and external partners