Current Projects

A Research Inquiry to Explore the Effectiveness of Generative Dialogue in Leadership Development in School District 61

This two-year project is sponsored by the Greater Victoria School District. The focus is on analyzing data taken by School District consultants during Generative Dialogue interviews with school principals and vice principals to better understand the effectiveness of this process in leadership growth, and ultimately, school improvement. Given the scope of the project, there are opportunities for students to develop related projects building on the initial work. The project has been cleared through the RRU REB.

Indigenous Health Leadership Research Mental Health and Substance Use Planning Initiative

This is a project funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research. The first (current) phase involves collaborating with First Nations communities within each regional health authority in BC, to identify projects and approaches to culturally appropriate research in mental wellness and substance use for Indigenous peoples. There are opportunities in First Nations communities, and in health authorities, to play a key role in this project, which can be used as the basis for OLP or thesis work which they develop from this initial consultation. The final phase (expected to be completed in 2018) is to re-visit First Nations communities and present the final report. Students are welcome to participate in these events, as appropriate.

Developing Elders’ Support Through Trauma Informed Emergency Departments

This project is funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research. It is focused on collaboration between First Nations communities in Victoria and Port Alberni, Vancouver Island Health Authority, the First Nations Health Authority, to better support Elders in their access to and use of culturally safe emergency services. Students who are interested in this work may be able to develop a project with sponsorship through one of the partners.

Reducing the Stigma of Substance Use and Building Capacity in Patient-Oriented Primary Care Research

This project is being led by Karen Urbanowski, Research Scientist and Canada Research Chair at the Centre for Addictions Research of BC at the University of Victoria. Elizabeth Hartney is a co-investigator, bringing the health leadership lens to this work, which is being conducted in collaboration with the Victoria Division of Family Practice. We are working with people with lived experience of substance use in Victoria to develop models of culturally safe primary care, and processes for effective patient-oriented research and policy development. There is potential for students interested in either primary care leadership or leadership/advocacy of people with lived experience to develop related projects under the sponsorship of one of the partner organizations.

For more information about these projects contact Dr. Elizabeth Hartney.

Patient and Family Centred Care

A collaboration with the Government of British Columbia Ministry of Health and Ministry of Children and Family Development. Dr. Elizabeth Hartney was one of the developers of “Families at the Centre: A Planning Framework for Public System in BC,” and continues to serve on the Families at the Centre Advisory Committee, which is developing tools and strategies for the implementation of this policy across the health and child serving systems.