Completed Projects

Changing Health Organizations with the LEADS Leadership Framework

  • Principal Investigator: Silvia Vilches, PhD
  • Research Oversight: 
    Ronald R. Lindstrom, PhD, FCCHL (2013-2015)
    Brigitte Harris, PhD (2015-2016)
  • Start Year: 2014
  • Funder: Mitacs
  • Sponsors:
    Ray J. Racette, CHE, President and CEO, Canadian College of Health Leaders
    Shauna Fenwick, Fenwick Leadership Explorations

Leads Impact Study Report 2014-2016

The LEADS in a Caring Environment health leadership capabilities framework (LEADS) was developed in British Columbia in 2006 to address the needs of healthcare in the context of health organization renewal. The 2014-2016 LEADS Impact Study reviewed the processes of and gathered feedback from five health organizations that were early adopters of LEADS and found a range of applications and outcomes for individuals, organizations, and systems.

Leadership Impact on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement in the BC Sepsis Network

The BC Patient Safety & Quality Council's Sepsis Network provides support for clinicians in emergency departments to learn, share knowledge and resources, improve consistency of care, spread innovation and improvement ideas, and collaborate on change.

Sepsis champions work within a distributed leadership model to lead improvement in their organization including screening, diagnosis, and providing evidence informed care to reduce sepsis mortality and morbidity.

This research explores how leaders see themselves as champions of sepsis, how the network currently supports leaders in their endeavours, and how the network could be improved. It includes qualitative interviews with Sepsis Network participants.

A set of emergent themes will inform the priorities of the network facilitators in terms of adding value, providing benefit for members, and achieving network goals.

In addition, a social network analysis is being conducted to measure and monitor collaboration among network members.  Social network analysis allows us to see how the network is functioning, how the people in the network are connected, the quality and quantity of network relationships, and levels of trust within the network.