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Thank You To Crossroads Hospice Society

September 17, 2020
Niels Agger-Gupta
Crossroads Hospice Society logo

Partners in Leadership Education

The School of Leadership Studies wishes to thank Crossroads Hospice Society for their participation as our 2020-3 summer cohort Leadership Challenge™ sponsoring organization.

The purpose of the Leadership Challenge™ is to create a mutually beneficial learning experience for a local organization and the graduate students in the first year of their Master of Arts in Leadership program. To create this learning experience, an inquiry with a real organizational sponsor is necessary and we are grateful to Jill Cook, interim Executive Director, for her leadership on this project. Thank you to the whole team from Crossroads for their generous commitment of time and voluntary engagement on July 16, 2020 for the student team presentations. Thank you to Alice Hale, Board Chair; Roland Mitchell, Board member; Janice Boyle, Crossroads Executive Director; Brittany Borean, Youth and Young Adult Bereavement Coordinator; Sylvie Jensen, Hospice Residence Manager and Palliative Volunteer Coordinator; and Nadia Eveneshen, Financial Controller.

The Crossroads Hospice Society is partnered with the Fraser Health Authority to provide optimal care and comfort -- physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially -- for those who have a terminal illness, often defined by a life expectancy of less than 6 months. Hospice seeks to improve the quality of the remaining time for loved ones, rather than seeking curative or life-prolonging measures. Crossroads is an independent non-profit society that works to provide a climate of welcoming, and ‘low-tech and high touch’ environments for patients and their caregivers. Crossroads has four components: the hospice itself, a thrift store, grief and bereavement support services, and fundraising.

In response to participating in this activity, Sylvie Jensen commented:

“I truly enjoyed being part of this project and what I learned through this process will stay with me forever. I’m very grateful to you for this wonderful experience.”

The Leadership Challenge™ is a cornerstone of the first residency of the Master of Arts in Leadership program. For more information or to inquire about becoming a potential sponsor, please contact us at