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Leading in Extraordinary Times

October 18, 2019
Catherine Etmanski
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Can One Person Make A Difference?

Well, you might say the answer is: of course! Just mention the word leadership and an abundance of inspirational people will come to mind.

Yet it is also true that none of us operates in isolation. No matter how humble or how great our achievements, we’ve all had a little help along the way... from people who inspire us. People who care about us. People who encourage us. People who help us to get back up when we feel defeated. People who say yes…and also people who say no. People whose struggles connect to our hearts. People who push us to refine our actions and our thinking. These are important acts of leadership and these people have a significant impact on our lives, whether they know it or not.

No matter how much any one of us may achieve, when it comes right down to it, we are deeply interconnected.

Likewise, today’s leaders face increasingly complex and interconnected challenges. These are sometimes called wicked problems because they have no easy solutions. They are ripe with paradox and contradiction. The opioid crisis is interconnected with housing, mental health, and addictions. Moving toward reconciliation cannot happen without an acknowledgement of violence, sexism, and racism. The cult of busyness is tied to ableism and technology. Climate change is entangled with poverty and inequality. The list goes on. What is more, we’re all in this big old mess together. Our every day choices create ripples around the world.

But if we’re part of the problem, this means we’re also part of the solution.

A Different Kind Of Conference 

From April 23 to 25, 2020, the School of Leadership Studies is hosting a different kind of conference for a different kind of leadership. We invite you to come together with other passionate humans to grapple with the leadership challenge most pressing in your world. This is an opportunity to break down imaginary silos; bring together leaders from diverse sectors, roles, and levels; and foster new collaborations to facilitate change in (y)our world. Participants will be immersed in a change laboratory experience for two full days, exploring their leadership challenges, and engaging with others working on similar challenges to inspire innovation and change.

In the face of these pressing challenges, many of us have an urge to dive immediately into problem-solving and action. Instead, it can be valuable to take the time to understand the whole system, its actors, and their stories as deeply as is possible. Humbly hanging out in the void of uncertainty can sometimes allow a shift in consciousness that can generate more sustainable and innovative, collaboratively-owned solutions.

This conference is for leaders at all levels who feel called to do things differently. You might be a senior executive grappling with culture change in your organization, an academic exploring leadership development, or an emerging leader striving to bring attention to the climate crisis. No matter your position, your role is essential. We invite you to join us.

So, can one person make a difference? Absolutely! And know that our efforts are amplified through connection with others.

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