Posted June 14, 2021 by Beth Page
Resilience & YOU, Episode 12 with guest Shawn Holmes

Episode 12 of Resilience & You with special guest Shawn Y. Holmes is now available!

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Posted June 11, 2021 by Wanda Krause
Photo by Hasan Almasi on Unsplash

The pain of the murder of four of the five members of a Muslim family in London, Ontario, reverberates through communities across the country, and globally. The family was on a Sunday evening walk when a driver of a pickup truck hopped the curb and crashed into them. It is assumed he was motivated by hate. Hate directed at groups because of their identity or identities includes hate directed at adherents of Islam but is little discussed or acknowledged. Islamophobia “is an extreme fear of and hostility toward Islam and Muslims.

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Posted June 7, 2021 by Marilyn Taylor
Ancient Sacred Symbol - circle with dot in a bowl shaped container

Leaders are usually associated with speaking and acting, in the best case scenario, helpfully.  But there is a time for a leader not to speak, not to be leaping into action.  Rather, there are times when a leader’s best contribution is simply to be present and to hold space for what is important to emerge.  It is a time to step back without stepping out.  It is about making way for what is not yet known. It requires discernment of one’s ‘right’ relation to an experience of tremendous importance. 

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Posted June 3, 2021 by Beth Page
Resilience & YOU, Episode 11 with guest Cary-Lee Calder

With a practice of aligning purpose with action, connecting with the earth, rising with gratitude and setting daily intentions on how she will bring her best self forward, we learn from Cary-Lee Calder that we also need to make space for self care.

Cary-Lee's niece, Angeline Pete, went missing in 2011. Having a missing person in her life is an unfathomable challenge.

Posted June 1, 2021 by Kayla Pepper & Niels Agger-Gupta
Cisco Road Fire - 2015 (photo by Kayla Pepper)

From record-breaking wildfires and flood seasons, to house fires and landslides, the heart of emergency management is BC’s Emergency Support Services responders who show up to take care of the people.

Posted May 28, 2021 by Beth Page
Resilience & YOU, Episode 10 with guest Sweta Rajan

Episode 10, Resilience is the willingness to receive and ask for help

As humans we find it easier to ask for help when we are being successful than when we are struggling.

My special guest Sweta Rajan reminds us this week in the resilience conversation that when we are facing challenges we can find it difficult to see the solution on our own, and often wait to ask for help until we get to a place of exhaustion, mental burn out, depression.

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Posted May 25, 2021 by Wanda Krause and Catherine Etmanski
Photo Credit: Gabriel Jimenez on Unsplash

Photo Credit: Gabriel Jimenez on Unsplash

Posted May 19, 2021 by Beth Page
Resilience and You: Episode 9 with guest Louise McDonald

Episode 9, The Resilience within a labour of love!

This week's episode with special guest, Louise McDonald, shared some powerful reflections for anyone companioning a loved one.

The love and honouring that is front and centre in navigating the journey of care and companionship include lessons, tips and ideas that we all can learn from as we seek to honour our loved ones.

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Posted May 17, 2021 by Catherine Etmanski
A Good War: Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency

A Message from Seth Klein on the Climate Emergency Unit

Image credits: Joseph Sydney Hallam (left); Meital Smith (right)

Posted May 7, 2021 by Catherine Etmanski
Donate COVID-19 Relief Kits to Domestic Workers in India

Grassroots Leaders Supporting Female Domestic Workers During the COVID-19 Crisis

Now, in the era of the virus, a poor person’s sickness can affect a wealthy society’s health. ~Arundhati Roy

Posted May 3, 2021 by Beth Page
Resilience and You: Episode 8 with guest Jenna Forster

"Be aware of where your attention is, where your energy is. Call it back. Bring it back to you." - Jenna Forster

Monday was a great day to explore Resilience & You. My special guest Jenna Forster shared her resilience story of navigating lyme disease.

Her story and learning shares some parallels with our global experience as we have worked our way through change events, which may have included a pause, brought on by COVID 19.

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Posted April 28, 2021 by Beth Page
Resilience and You: Episode 7 with guest Dr. Catherine Carr

Collectively can we pause and amidst this crisis see that there is some opportunity to innovate to get clear what we are saying no to and what we are saying yes to. And to do that, to not just be pushed down by the wind but to lean into it and find our way through. - Dr. Catherine Carr, Episode 7 Resilience & You.

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