Centre for Health Leadership and Research

LIC building

The broad vision of the Centre for Health Leadership and Research is to contribute to the development of leadership to create effective health systems from the local to international levels. 

 To support this vision the centre has five overarching goals:

  • Continuously develop and implement an applied research agenda in health systems leadership to inform scholarly practice and policy;
  • Create and engage in internal/external partnerships and networks to support and advance health systems leadership, applied research activities and knowledge mobilization strategies;
  • Conduct applied health leadership research and coordinate activities with internal/external stakeholders to address emergent needs in academic and practice settings;
  • Organize/co-organize conferences, symposia, summits and think-tanks in emerging areas of scholarship and practice;
  • Build-up financial stability through the foregoing activities.

Internal focus elements

  • RRU-wide collaboration and integration: Increasing collaboration and integration into university-wide initiatives, particularly health leadership, research and graduate education programs. Provide advice and input into potential new programs.
  • Grow health leadership expertise in emerging areas that cross a number of disciplines: e.g., network science, complexity science, neuroleadership, phronetic leadership research, and knowledge translation by actively engaging health leadership and research with other disciplines within the university (will also require linkages with external expertise);
  • Actively incorporate health leadership research into the classroom; similarly, turn the emergent practical issues that are discussed in the classroom into competitive research proposals for funding and study.

External focus elements

  • Conduct and coordinate applied research and actively seek additional funding opportunities in partnership with other researchers at RRU and/or external organizations;
  • Professional continuing education in health leadership, e.g., organizing or co-organizing and holding symposia, summits, workshops, and think-tanks in emerging areas of interest solely or in collaboration with our partners;
  • A primary role in proposal development in key emerging areas (e.g., knowledge translation; inter-organizational network leadership and management);
  • Developing emerging area of integrative sciences and transdisciplinarity pertinent to health leadership and research;
  • A substantial role in planning and contributing to RRU events that have a health leadership component;
  • Continual engagement with our several communities by exploring, initiating, planning and implementing collaborative applied research and educational programs to address the practical and emergent needs of health authorities, post-secondary institutions, funding agencies, and other related;
  • Contribute as appropriate to international initiatives, particularly those that have a health leadership component.

The Centre is led by Dr. Elizabeth Hartney, Director, Centre for Health Leadership and Research, and Professor, School of Leadership Studies.  To contact Dr. Hartney please email or phone (250) 391 2600 ext 4277.